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Our projects are carefully considered to take into account practicality, purpose, community need, conservation priorities and  to ensure the best outcomes for the area. They are based on key planning documents coupled with regular ground truthing via mapping and on the ground assessment at a site level. Each site is assessed on a localised level and planned according to particular needs such as weed control, revegetation or protective measures such as fencing.

A fantastic simple guide for planning and planting your own home garden with local coastal plants, check out this production by the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board
Coastal Gardens - A planting Guide produced by the AMLR NRM Board. For a hard copy contact the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board on

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The Southern Fleurieu Coastal Action Plan is a conservation priority study that identifies various actions required to better manage a range of ecological assets along the coastline from Sellicks Beach all the way to the Murray Mouth at the Tip of Sir Richard Peninsula. This plan has been split into conservation cells which are defined by their own unique boundaries according to these attributes and vegetation communities and species found within them. The Goolwa Coastcare Group is undertaking actions to address key priorities within this plan and further refining objectives for on-ground works projects at the local scale.

Tokuremoar Reserve Management Plan Part A (Environmentally Sustainable Developments (ESD) Steve Wright and Russell Seaman) is a plan developed specifically to outline proposals to effectively conserve the cultural and natural values of the reserve. This plan broadly outlines the  ecological values of the reserve and provides various actions. There is great detail of detailed and useful information regarding the aboriginal cultural heritage of the Goowla area, particularly Tokuremoar Reserve.

Tokuremoar Reserve Management Plan part B covers the area known as Sir Richard Peninsula with similar ecological and cultural details.

Goolwa Dunes and Tokuremoar Reserve Environmental Action Plan (Simon. B & Bain. S 2015) has detailed weeds mapping and information relating to past, present and future activities in the dunes, tea swamps, saltmarsh swamps and woodland areas. It prioritises key on-ground actions for the protection of the remnant vegetation of the Goolwa Dunes and the adjoining Tokuremoar reserve. A copy can be accessed through contacting Natural Resources AMLR. GWLAP worked closely with the Ngarrindjeri community to seek involvement in this plan along with the local council and other environmental groups in the area.

Goolwa Coastcare comments on a range of local proposals and plans including the Goolwa Beach Carpark Master plan to endevour to protect the natural values of the Goolwa coastal area and adjoining catchments.