Goolwa Coast Care


The Goolwa coastline and surrounds are a unique and valuable natural environment. The area is home to a wide variety of native flora and fauna providing diversity and beauty to the region.

This wonderful ecosystem is however a fragile one. Common human activities such as beach going and the many activities associated with this can negatively impact these environments if not properly managed.

Vehicles are not permitted to drive on Goolwa beach anywhere West of Beach road, Goolwa. Registered vehicles are currently permitted along the beach (which is a registered road, so road rules apply) East of  the Beach road access track area only, with access to the dunes not permitted.

Vehicles including 4 wheel drives and dirt bikes, camping, sandboarding and unregulated foot paths through the dunes have done untold damage to the dune system along Sir Richard Peninsula (East of Beach road). Significant unnatural erosion, native vegetation damage, wildlife disturbance and desecration of aboriginal heritage sites has occurred for many years on this part of the coast.

This activity is not permitted or acceptable and if residents see people doing the wrong thing to the beach or dune environment anywhere in Goolwa they are asked to try and record vehicle registration and or other details, vehicle make and model and to contact Goolwa Police or SA Water to report the matter. It is highly recommended that you do not approach the offender/s yourself

Goolwa Coastcare works within the local area and community to help protect this special natural resource by undertaking dune stabilising activities such as replanting damaged sand dunes to promote vegetation cover, providing designated fenced pathways for foot traffic through the dunes and undertaking exensive weed control activities to maintain the health of the dune system, which can be quite succeptible to weed incursions. A coastcare brochure has been developed and

Most Australians love the beach, and if we work together to protect it we can enjoy the fun and leisure of a great time at the beach for the long term in a healthy, natural beach and dune environment.